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KnoWorld – Know your world to transform it 12/4/09


UPDATE: Check the KnoWorld blog for more ideas, videos and updates!

Hi there!

Take a look at this graph:

us co2

This graph shows the CO2 emissions in the US over the 20th century. Now, an intriguing question: why did the emissions rate decrease sharply just when it was at its peak?

To answer this question, we present you KnoWorld – our Imagine Cup ‘09 project in the Mashup category.


KnoWorld is a system that allows you to easily access and analyze world data such as GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita or Infant Mortality Rates.  With our project, you can visualize all these data through graphs and maps and compare them with actual events to analyze their causes and consequences. Make innovative conclusions and transform your world!

The main idea is to be able to mark a graph of an indicator with related events and easily identify what’s their impact on the trend. So let’s try it out with our initial question…

us co2 vs events

(Click the image to see the actual mashup)

Here we compared the CO2 indicator with a list of environmental events from Wikipedia, and then we can see by 1973 the highest peak followed by a noticeable fall, as we noted before. Now we can click on the event on that year, which shows the Iraq oil embargo. There we have it! We were able to find a probable cause of an uncommon change in trends, by using KnoWorld.

This may seem like a rather simple case, but many other out-of-the-box relationships can be made using these visualizations. Besides, KnoWorld supports many other visualizations, like colored maps, displaying flags, bar and line charts, and so on.

What else can I do with KnoWorld?

To show some of the power of KnoWorld and other possibilities, we’ve created some other sample mashups to discover interesting facts about the world.

Ever wondered how wars have impacted the population of France?

And what’s the situation of primary education around the globe?

And who are the countries that import most arms?

Now you can take your conclusions. And these are only 4 from more than 200 indicators that you can access with KnoWorld! To see the full list of indicators, please refer to http://tinyurl.com/gap-ind.

There are thousands of people who could benefit of this project: imagine having a geography class with interactive maps showing indicators about the subject. Or a history class in which we study trends in our country and see how the historical events changed them. Or even an NGO or company could use KnoWorld to help plan their next social actions more efficiently.

That’s awesome! How can I create my own visualizations?

To learn more about KnoWorld and create your own mashups with all the indicators and an infinity of visualization possibilities, please head to our next post, where we’ll show you how through a step-by-step tutorial on KnoWorld and Popfly. If you already know Popfly, just rip one of the mashups to see how it was built.

Please help us!

If you liked one of our mashups, please click the heart icon in the upper right corner on the Popfly page to become a fan of our project.

If you’ve used or want to use our mashups, or if you have questions, ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment in this post (or in the actual mashup in Popfly). We’re eager to see how you’ll use our project to change your own communities.

And finally, please spread the word! We really hope our project can make a good impact in the lives of many people, and with your help this might become a reality!

Thank you!

Virtual Dreams – Mashup team

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