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New article: Deep Zoom for WPF 24/11/10


I’ve just released my fourth article on CodeProject: Deep Zoom for WPF. I’m very excited about this one: this article explains how to recreate the MultiScaleImage (Deep Zoom) control from Silverlight, compatible with Deep Zoom Composer, Zoom.it, multi-touch and more!

Here’s it goes:


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All the source code is also being released in CodePlex under the MS-PL licence, to facilitate future improvements and distribution. Please contribute! The project page is located at http://deepzoom.codeplex.com/.

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1. Roberto Sonnino - 24/11/10

New blog post: New article: Deep Zoom for WPF – http://bit.ly/faMI34

2. 代办产地证 - 10/5/11

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3. Diem Tran - 24/5/11

Hi Roberto,

Thank you for the implementation, it works beautifully.

I am trying to apply some image manipulation tools onto the Deep Zoom tiles (brightness, contrast, etc). The main goal is, for example, whenever a user changes a brightness by dragging a slider, the DeppZoom image will change it brightness accordingly.

Currently, I am applying the tools in TileHost.cs, before the ‘Source’ is drawn using DrawImage of the DrawingContext (in function RenderTile()). Specifically, I get the pixels from ‘Source’, apply brightness change, and set those pixels back to ‘Source’.

However, the change cannnot be seen after a few times of zooming (I doubt they need times to reload, which is weird): I change the slider, the brightness is changed but the new tiles with brightness changed do not show up. I have to zoom the Deep Zoom image a few times for the tiles to show up.

Do you know where the problem might be?

You can reach me at:
diem_tran at brown dot edu

Thank you.

4. gqeyoobym - 15/6/12

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5. Anonymous - 10/3/14

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